Welcome to Dynamic Sites - a demo site for a restdb.io database template! This template was created with restdb.io using Bootstrap 4 and Bootswatch. The contents for this site is added to a restdb.io database. You can format the text using Markdown. The template uses server side rendering using restdb.io Pages (good for SEO), Bootstrap 4 for responsiveness and layout. You also get a contact form.

News article

This is a news article. It will be shown on the front page and on its own detail page. You can add a featured image to it if you like.

Mr Banananas is back

Nobody could believe it, but this fella just returned to our neighborhood.

Cat learns to create web sites

This amazing kitten has done what none of her relatives in the feline family has done before.

Working with Content

We'll explain a bit more about how to add content and how to place them or link them up in the menu.


Dynamic Sites is a non-existing company. It is entirely fake news and created by the maker of this template just to show something interesting.

Lorem Banana Ipsum

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