In this template, we're using two collections to host most of the content: "Content" and "Widgets". The exception is the contact form, which requires you to edit the page and HTML if you need to change the text.

New content is created by adding records in the "Content" collection. A "Content" record contains several fields:

  • slug
  • author
  • title
  • intro
  • text (Markdown formatted)
  • image
  • hide-article-image
  • widgets
  • sort
  • placement
  • menu
  • published
  • published-date

Most of these fields are self-explanatory. The "slug" field is mandatory and is a URL-friendly lower-case string. The URL to the article will contain the slug. "Widgets" are little snippets of content you can add to the article and they will be shown in boxes on the right side of the article detail page. Click around this site and you'll see a few examples of them.

There are four main placements of content:

  1. Slides
  2. Featured (only one will be shown)
  3. News
  4. Content

The "Slides" placement is the big images on the top of the front page. The "Featured" is just below the "Slides". The "News" items are shown in boxes (sorted by published-date) and are followed by "Content" boxes (sorted by the "sort" field).

A content item can be shown on all placements if necessary (use multi-select in the data editor).

If you need a link to the content in the menu, you can add it to either the main menu or the drop down menu.